jvck1/jak/ + pot1/pät/
Noun: Relating to house music, jackin’ basslines, gasoline house, and other loud electronic styles.

High Rollin’ August, 2019

From the mid 2000’s, I have been shaped by one of the most notorious EDM scenes in America. Denver, Colorado is a city rife with talent which is known for it’s rich underground dance culture. In recent years the city has been turning up the volume on producing A-List talent, of which I began along side. Noteworthy acts like Dirt Monkey and Jantsen have been instrumental role models that have given me the motivation to move forward with my productions and brand.

Jvckpot began as a return to the roots of what inspired me in electronic music. There seemed to be a shift in focus away from dubstep for many producers in recent years which fueled the flames of passion for me once again. Discovering the likes of Joyryde, Jauz, Habstrakt and Ephwurd in 2016 reflected the raw energy of great artists I used to love. Their aggressive yet groovy styles reminded be of icons like Crookers, DJ Dan and Bad Boy Bill of the early to mid 2000’s, while tossing in some of that new school flavor influenced by the trap and dubstep waves. I was instantly hooked on house music again and began shifting my production in that direction. Today I am happier than ever with the music that I am creating and cannot wait to begin releasing content for everyone.

Press Bio

Originally a founding member of the Denver based DJ collective Got Bass Music, RJ Barron has returned to the scene under his new alias, Jvckpot. Centered around aggressive bass house and electro, he has garnered support from industry leaders and colleagues alike. Recently, he has been featured on the AC Slater’s Night Bass Demos Livestream and reached a top 5 Beatport release with his debut EP, Blowin’ Smoke. This year he has providing direct support for ETC! ETC! and Nostalgix with more exciting events and material on the way. With a mind for excellence and a decade’s worth of experience in EDM, Jvckpot can’t wait to share what he’s cooked up. Stay tuned and stay high fam!